Google search engine marketing for financial products and services.

Consumer credits, Funeral insurances, Mortgages…


Google search engine marketing for legal and notarial products and services.  

E.g. establishment, Severance payments, Drafting wills…


Google search engine- and influencer marketing for fashion related webshops and blogs.

Sneakers, Jewelry, Summer dresses…

FLOW Marketing Management

Google Search Engine Marketing

Google advertising

FLOW is an official Google Partner for setting up and optimising your Adwords campaign. We identify which keywords are important (keyword research), make sure that your website is visible in Google immediately and give you insight in the most important visitor statistics. Data which can also be applied to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

FLOW is a search engine marketing agency in Zaandam (previously Amsterdam) with search engine optimization as its core business. Together with (your own) copywriters and web developers we optimise your website in order to improve visibility within Google.

All of our SEO activities are carried out by Google Specialist Jorg Zonneveld.

Located on the

Historic Hembrug grounds


Working with Jorg means a proactive approach, focused on creating solutions that take the result to a higher level. Expectations have been well exceeded, so we are more than happy. 

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Niels Bakker

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